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Linggo, Nobyembre 4, 2012

Will Harden Fuel the Rockets?!

Certainly. The BEARD can inspire the Houston Rockets but the scenarios are uncertain and the question is HOW. The Rockets has been unlucky with their recent build up surrounding Yao Ming post Olajuwon era. And to rebuild a team takes luck and science and to say the average rebuilding of a team towards contention may take 8-10 years the average. Exceptions is the LA Lakers where superstars without rings queue in Hollywood to have a ring and to have a share of the limelight.

Back to James Harden. As we know James is a hell of a reserve. He is in fact a SUPER-RESERVE, Sixth Man winner of last season. But being a super sub is different from a franchise player.

That is my point. Harden can not be the franchise player Houston is looking for. He is a Scottie Pippen waiting for his Jordan. Harden has not been tested of being the go to guy all for 48 minutes day in and day out. Unless Kevin McHale will force the issue then we can see a Yao Ming deja vu

That is what happens or can happen in Houston right now. They already have the young legs, willing role players, a good coach, a management who cares and not to mention the Linsanity. Maybe they can draft  a caliber rookie in the future to carry the already ready team or lure young rising superstar into the team.

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