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Miyerkules, Mayo 15, 2013

Durantula Can't Do It All

Ever since I am not in favor of the James Harden trade. Last season is testimonial what the Beard can do to the team. He don't only helps in scoring but in maintaining the explosiveness of the Thunder even when it's time for KD to take a breather.

But now it's different. KD is the only legitimate scoring threat even if the erratic and poor shot selection Westbrook is not injured. Against the inspired and rugged Memphis Grizzlies the Thunder can match only on the first three quarters and KD is still in full tank. But come closing time KD is still human after all and there is no other in the team that can help him. Kevin Harris is a big dissapointment. Derek Fisher rans out of luck during clutch time.

There is no question that the frontline of Serge Ibaka, Nick Collison and K. Perkins can hold it's own against Marc Gasul and Zach Randolph but they need to score after defending. As they say in tennis " a serve broke is not a serve broke unless you hold your own."

This season is a lesson for Scott Brooks. Even Michael Jordan needs a Scottie Pippen to win all the marbles.