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Biyernes, Setyembre 14, 2012

Coach J's Advice: Atlanta Hawks

After losing the overpriced Joe Johnson the Hawks left with only Anthony  Morrow as the only pure shooter of the squad. But that is before the draft. Atlanta drafted John Jenkins, a proven shooter in college. And the way he is performing at the summer camp he can compete with Morrow at the shooting guard position.

My idea is to make John Jenkins as the starter early in the regular season. But if he does not live to expectations then bring back the erratic Morrow. Jenkins starting at the 2 won't hurt the Hawks. What if this rookie can prove himself? Which is I am very positive. Then it will be a big bonus to Larry Drew.

John Jenkins is one of the rookies to watch if he starts. And if he delivers Atlanta can still return to the play-offs.  Maybe they can make it as far as the second round.

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