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Lunes, Setyembre 3, 2012

Ads on NBA Uniforms?

Placing ads on NBA basketball uniforms has been proposed. But will it do good to the league?

The NBA says that it will bring additional $100 million of revenues. But they did not consider that placing those patches on the uniform will only ruin the art form of the jerseys. Even if it will give additional revenues what will suffer is the sales of the uniform.

Like in European basketball where ads are all over the place in their uniform the purchase of the jerseys will suffer. It is not necessary to put ads on basketball jerseys since these ads are not visible from afar. May it be you are viewing it from the bleachers or on TV.

So placing ads will only damage the beauty of the uniforms and the increase in revenues is not significant since it will be upset by the decrease in the marketing magnet of the uniforms.

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