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Linggo, Agosto 19, 2012

Will Steve Nash Give Kobe Another Ring?

Now that Steve Nash is in L.A. can he blend with Kobe to bring another championship to the Lakers? That is the most anticipated scenario if you are a Lakers fan.

Can Stevie fit in and deliver immediately since Nash himself is not getting any younger. Of course he can be a reliable back up for more years but not anymore a daunted starter.

Kobe is not a catch and shot guy so he does not need much of a Steve Nash anyway. What Steve brings to the Lakers is leadership and respect of the big headed stars like Kobe and Meta World Peace.

It's no secret that Kobe runs the Lakers inside the court not Coach Mike Brown. Coach Mike is in the process of earning Kobe's respect.

And, uh, there is the Superman. Well Dwight Howard is another piece worth discussing in an another article. But one of this years' interesting question is "How will Steve Nash help the LA Lakers win another ring in the NBA?"

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