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Huwebes, Agosto 23, 2012

Can Dwight Howard Make A Difference In LA?

Big question. Can Dwight Howard make a difference in LA? My answer is an interesting NO.

The Superman is just a mature version of the behemoth Andrew Bynum. What Bynum lack is media publicity. He is not as imposing as Howard but he can match Dwight toe to toe in strength and toughness.

The trade is a bad trade. Let's say that Howard is at the top of his game. But that's it. When you are on the top there is no other way than down. And the Superman has only a few years left at the helm.

And Andrew. He is just priming. And that is the scary part. He is young, huge, has a better touch than D.Howard and lots of potential still in the bag.

But that is LA. They crave on those superhero images (remember Shaq). Andrew is not that of a magnet.
NO Dwight Howard does not make a difference inside the court but rather outside of the Staple Center nevertheless. I'll bet soon he will get a movie offer. Maybe in the Avengers 2...interesting!

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